Resident Life


More than just a dorm, Bayridge offers an enriching resident life that sets it apart from other off-campus housing options. We understand that a student needs more than a bed and a place to put her books. Birthday celebrations, outings, cultural presentations, Saturday-night movies, weekend soccer games, evening get-togethers and service trips are all part of life at Bayridge. All these activities help create the family atmosphere that residents love.

Our annual events include:

  • Welcome back BBQ
  • Apple picking outing
  • Halloween costume party
  • Elegant Thanksgiving dinner
  • Bringing meals to home-bound elders for the holidays
  • Christmas party, white elephant gift exchange
  • Skiing trip to Vermont
  • Trips to New York City and Washington DC
  • Cookie baking


Apple picking outing

“It’s like a big family environment; your sisters in the house were people from all different countries.” – Catie, Boston College

“Bayridge stands out as a very unique, very special time in my life. It’s inspiring because you’re with people from all over the world who are studying all sorts of things and they’re working hard. You get inspired by virtue of being around people who are working hard and believe in what they do.” – Elizabeth, Simmons

“I did look at other places to live, but what struck me about Bayridge was a sense of home far away from home. I felt really comfortable there.” – Christie, Boston College

Study break

“The environment enables you to be the best student you can be. It gave you all the tools you need to study well, to make good friends, to eat well, to take care of yourself.” – Cara, UMass

“Living at Bayridge supports every aspect of my life – whether it’s pushing me to excel at school, positive interaction and close connections with people – everything I value, Bayridge supports.” Maggie, Boston University School of Optometry

“As a law student, I find it very refreshing to have the three women that live next to me. One is a professional ballerina, one is soon to be a dentist, the third is a violinist. You don’t have that variety at very many places.” – Gabby, New England Law

“When I think about Bayridge, I think about fun. I think about the people, I think about a place where I can belong. I don’t have my family with me here in Boston but Bayridge is my family.” – Georgina, Emerson