Cultural & Professional Activities

Throughout the year there are various lecture series, talks, and social gatherings for women and young professionals in the greater Boston area. If you would like to receive more information about the cultural activities offered at Bayridge, please email

For upcoming events, please visit our calendar of events!

Cultural Study Breaks

Travel to Colombia, Morocco, China, Australia, or Nigeria without leaving your home! Bayridge residents come from all over the world and share their different cultural experiences with all of us. Each week, a resident gives a presentation on her country of origin - music, food, important cities, or whatever else they find interesting. Study breaks also allow residents to share some of their interests, such as Shakespeare readings, drawing tips, jam sessions, or TED talks.

Think Deeper Series

Conversations on Philosophy and Anthropology will begin again in September 2018.
Previous topics include:

  • Emotional Health and Self Control
  • Freedom and Choice
  • Can Women Have it All?

Pizza with Profs

Professional women share their vision and experiences. Coming back in September 2018. Previous topics include: 

  • Loretta Pioch: The Digital Lifestyle: Brain Help and Hindrance
  • Ana Julian, Architect: Experiences of a Successful Woman in a Male Dominated Field
  • Carmel Kelly: Getting Your Beauty Sleep in College

Ayer Lecture Series

Each semester, the Ayer Lecture Series features various fascinating talks in the Tiffany-designed front living room on themes related to art, architecture, restoration, and beauty.

For more information on this semester's Ayer Lecture Series, please visit their website.